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Without a doubt I was always a  creative soul.  I have expressed  my creativity in many areas of life since the very beginning. It was always a hobby I never thought it could be anything more.

The basis of my artistic creation is the art of realism. I am fascinated by large format images. Working on a big canvas or wall makes me feel free and allows me to fully express myself.

My energy is channeled by bold, energetic brush strokes that make the painting come alive. 

I feel fulfilled seeing my large scale paintings completed.  

 I call myself a self-taught portrait artist because even if I got formal education in art, portrait painting came from only observation and learning from my mistakes.  A few years ago I was not aware of what I'm able to accomplish.

 In the process of creating my art I'm able to transfer my feelings and emotions to the canvas. I could say my artwork  reflects my current state of mind. each and one of my paintings  was created as a result of what I was going through at the moment.

Mostly I paint women, and want to portray their souls. 

Some of my portraits  seem to be someber but  more sensible viewers perfectly catch the hidden spirit behind the portrayed face.

Painting is an escape from the reality of everyday life.

Sometimes I can't explain my creations with my own words.  Led by my intuition I'm building my own world.

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